Fear no longer! 

A video testimonial

Amanda had a dental fear from a childhood visit to the dentist. Her fear was at the level that she could only get dental treatment under sedation and would cancel and move her appointments. click on the “CLICK HERE” button link to view her video testimonial in one of our blog posts from 2020.

Raquel came for help with her procrastination issues that had been effecting her university studies:

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"I would highly recommend Shavaya from Open Mind Hypnotherapy Australia for anyone that is thinking about having hypnotherapy. My experience was nothing but positive, calming and productive. Shavaya made me feel completely at ease from the very first consultation because she took the time to really listen too and understand the behaviour that I wanted to change with hypnotherapy. Shavaya provided me with insights into my behaviour, was empathetic and made me feel like I was understood. During the hypnotherapy session, Shavaya had a very calm voice, was completely professional and made me feel so comfortable that I immediately relaxed. This is an amazing achievement because I am a very anxious person who takes a long time to unwind, but Shavaya through her understanding and calming manner was able to put me in a deep relaxation within minutes. The scripts that Shavaya used during the hypnotherapy confirmed my belief that Shavaya had been listening to me and understood my behaviour, because the scripts where very relevant to me and really stuck in my mind. The metaphors and the imagery was memorable and really helped me to change my behaviour. In one session, I can feel a dramatic difference and have already taken active steps to change my behaviour."