weight loss

Hypnotherapy can be used to assist with habits and thought processes that contribute to weight issues. Everyone is different in regards to weight management and it is important to find the goals that work for the individual.

Quiting smoking

Sometimes the fear of failure to try to quit smoking is the strongest thing holding us back.

The benefits of not smoking are well known from a health benefit as well as a financial benefit being the main driver for people to attempt to quitting.


Dental Issues

A range of dental issues can be addressed and managed with hypnotherapy. 

  • Dental fear / anxiety
  • teeth grinding (Bruxisim)
  • TMJ pain
  • needle phobia
  • nail biting
  • past trauma


Anxiety and stress

It is a normal reaction for anxiety and stress to have a physical effect on our body. However there is a healthy balance and when the level has shifted into overdrive it can leave the body in an unhealthy way to live.




Insomnia is a condition of having trouble either getting to sleep or staying asleep. 

Insomnia can be the primary issue or a secondary issue due to factors such as stress, chronic pain, menopause, medication and alcohol.

Lack of sleep for long periods of time can effect concentration, memory and emotional stability


chronic pain

chronic pain is diagnosed when a pain is registered by the brain for a period that is generally over 6 months. The chronic pain can be felt even if there was no past injury or current body damage.

Hypnotherapy can help when all medical avenues for the pain has been addressed first to rule out any underlying conditions.


Hypnotherapy has been well documented in helping with the reduction and management of chronic migraines.

Migraines are very different to head aches and can cause a person to be unable to function in basic daily tasks.

Hypnotherapy can help when all other medical advice has been sort after firstly to rule out any underlying medical conditions.


hypnosis is a very relaxing state and should feel safe and comfortable. Some people repost feeling a floating feeling or a pleasant tingle as they go deeper into trance. 

No alcohol or recreational drug use is to be taken before the session. It is important to come to the session in cloths that are comfortable in and that mobile phones are off/ silent as to not disturb you during the session.

Our initial consultation along with the first sessions (1.5hours) are $160. 

Follow up sessions (1hour) are $150. 

Package payment of 3 session (this includes an initial consultation) can be made for $400 (with a saving of $50)

NO!  During hypnosis you have control of your free will and will not do anything that you would not be willing to do.

An online session can be just as effective as a face to face session as long as the internet connection is good quality along with the audio and video. good earphones are recommended and the session will need to be conducted with no interruptions from phones or people in the house.