About the therapist

Shavaya is a certified clinical hypnotherapist

Shavaya is a certified clinical hypnotherapist as well as a clinical Oral Health Dental Therapist.

She is a board member of the Professional Hypnotherapy of Australia and is registered with the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

Shavaya’s path into hypnotherapy came about while working with her dental patients and she wanted to find another option to help the high number of patients suffering with dental fear and anxiety.

With profound changes from her patients in this field it was natural to expand to help other clients in other areas that hypnotherapy can assist with.

Shavaya has the option to see dental related issues in the dental clinic at Subiaco with the benefit of ability to do dental treatment in the same appointment and venue. 

Other hypnotherapy issues can be seen face to face at her hypnotherapy lounge in Spearwood.

Online hypnotherapy sessions are also available via Zoom.

Health funds rebate

Some health fund rebates are available. It is best to contact your health fund to find out about your cover and what is available to you.

Dental options


Depending on your dental issues Shavaya can work with your current dentist or can organise along with your hypnotherapy for dental  planing and treatment to be done in the one location. 

Hypnotherapy Lounge

Regular Hypnotherapy sessions can be done face to face in a calm relaxing lounge room located in Spearwood. 

online hypnotherapy sessions

online sessions can be available via Zoom.