Dental Health Week 2021 (2-8 August)

Keep your smile for LIFE.

The main campaign behind dental health week this year is to reinforce the importance of maintaining good oral health.

With the changes in technology and research in dentistry. Teeth are staying in the mouth for longer. Full mouth dentures are becoming less and less of the normal. However I find the belife for many is still that they will get to a stage of loosing all there teeth.

The knowledge that the teeth are a part of our body, playing a roll in our general health and well being is a concept for a large amount of the Australian population we have just not been brought up with.

Everyday people are putting up with some form of dental issue (and at times even pain) deferring treatment until it is left to a stage that they can no longer ignore.

Unfortunately when dental issues are left to the level of pain, treatment options are generally expensive and procedures are tricky.

Leading to the fact of a long history of painting dental experiences with a dark brush.

Practicing regular dental checkup and professional hygiene cleans insures your mouth can be maintained to a stage of minimal intervention needed for future care. As well as making any treatment needed in the future cost effective and unlikely to be complicated or painful.

Most health funds have focused on paying up to 100% on preventive treatments (checkups, hygiene cleans, routine X-rays and fluoride treatments).

Prevention is better than cure!

Looking after our general health and well being, regular dental checks and hygiene cleans along with a good home oral care plan will Insure we can all keep our teeth for life.

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