Dental fear testimonial

Fear no longer!

We were so blessed that one of our dental patients Amanda was happy do a little video interview in regards to her hypnotherapy session in the dental chair followed by a routine clean and check up.

Amanda had an overwhelming fear of the dentist from a specific incident as a child. Due to this incident she had never been able to have dental treatment again unless having some form of sedation. In running this fear she would always cancel and reschedule her follow up appointments making her 6 month recall turn into 2 years between visits.

Days before the appointment the dread for coming would play on her . When in the reception waiting room she would sweat, shake and feel sick in the stomach.

Her first words to me on coming into the clinic was that she wouldn’t be able to sit in the chair today or get her clean done.

Now Amanda’s story is a very common anxiety shared between most of our patients. Dentistry in the past was very different to the standard of care today.

However the level of anxiety Amanda was having was set too high, leading to a fear response. This cognition was effecting her health.

Amanda want’s to be healthy and have good oral health, but feels these overwhelming feelings are preventing her from keeping to her routine maintenance appointments. Her delay in keeping up was also leading her to fantasising about the state of her mouth, believing it was much worse than it was.

Fortunate for Amanda we did a hypnotherapy session along with her clean. On finishing both sessions Amanda had a total shift in her feelings and thoughts to her future dental care.

In the video you can see she states I no longer have a fear and I look forward to coming to my dental appointments”.

We are so happy that Amanda is now able to continue her journey of maintaining the oral health she desires with no more anxiety or fear following her around.

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