Hypnotherapy Word conference

the 70th Australian Hypnotherapy Associations world conference 13-15 September 2019

The conference was held at the Mercure Brisbane Hotel and the staff there were fantastic.

It was the first time being away from my baby for more than a night and the anxiety of leaving him home without me was on my mind the week before. However the anxiety totally left me when I landed at Brisbane airport to be greeted by my dear best friend.

I had planed a kill 2 birds with one stone trip. With 3 days for the conference and 1 week chilling with my girl friend that I had not seen in years!!!

However business was first!

I was very excited to see talks from hypnotherapists:

  • Dr Traceie O’Keefe on clinical hypnotherapy for stopping drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Sheila Granger on Children and teenagers today-hypnosis for building resilience at an early age.
  • Alistair Horscroft on the resilient brain- Using brain mapping & hypnotic self directed near-plasticity to create resilience and transformation
  • Bianca Skilbeck on resilience or relapse- an attuned eating approach in the treatment of eating disorders.
  • Shelly Stockwell Nicholas on Body mind programming for self improvement.
  • Silke Herwald on From grief to growth-recovering from grief as an essential skill for true existence.
  • Steve Carey on Hypnosis on New scientific evidence- a summary of the latest findings.
  • Melwina Szmaglinska on Resilience in the face of cancer-the roll of hypnotherapy in cancer treatment.
  • Jason Linett on Unstoppable confidence- resilience for the hypnotic professional.

It was amazing to meet so many hypnotherapist from so many fields from all over the world. The networking with professionals from all over Australia was great too.

However time partying over dinner with my P.H.A (the Professional Hypnotherapists of Australia) board members was also a bit of fun as well.

Me having a bit of fun at dinner with my P.H.A board members

After the Conference it was time for me to party with my dear best friend Raquel.

We became friend after working for a faulty towers type hotel in Canberra.

Raquel was a uni student studying Psychology and I was ….. well I was working at the faulty towers hotel still figuring out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Our love for the brain has to this day never changed. Although we have had different paths we always have regular updates on what knowledge we have gained and how we utilise them in our current fields.

Something I would recommend to anyone visiting Brisbane/Gold coast area is to go to the ArtVo interactive exhibition.

On our visit we were like kids at a playground and even the staff could not get over how loud to adults could be in an art exhibition.

In regards to my experience with the conference

I really enjoyed learning about the frontear of neuroscience and mind mapping combining with hypnosis interventions. Like I said before the brain and what it is capable of has always been a long standing love of mine.

Overall it was interesting to meet so many professionals in the field of hypnosis and how they have utilised it in there individual fields.

Looking forward to the opertunity to go to the next one 🙂

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