Its Always nice to have cred

My Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy has arrived in the mail!

After all the hard work and working with some amazing people last year. It was such a nice way to start 2019 and focus on this years goals with something official to hang on he wall.

My thirst for hypnotherapy first came about when moving from Darwin to Perth in 2016. I was a new mother with a 9 month old and just started working at a new dental practice in Perth.

The highlight of patients with dental fear/ anxiety either preventing or having a profound affect on their future dental care lead me down the rabbit hole of all the options for those patients in making future dental care more comfortable.

Hypnotherapy was something that was so widely used in the past. However these days drugs and sedation measures have taken that option for patients off the table.

My research into hypnotherapy made me see that this option could benefit a wide range of my current clients as well as branching into other fields for non dental related issues.

At that time the fact that with my little one, I was very time poor and sleep deprived. So to say it just wasn’t the right time to take on the study for it was an understatement.

However in 2018 I was probably still sleep deprived and time poor but I did it anyway. And I Am soooo glad I did it !

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